Revolutionizing the way Jewish ideas are shared through educational technology.


LaHaV’s App is designed to empower educators, build collaboration, and facilitate deep student learning.

Stop reinventing the wheel. LaHaV’s App allows you to share materials with educators around the world.


We provide teacher’s guides, lesson plans, and assessments so you can focus on teaching.


Digital tools designed to develop text skills, including highlighting, translation, note-taking, and punctuation.


Search the entire LaHaV project by keyword or author for the source or teaching aid that you’re looking for.


LaHaV’s App allows students and teachers to build a personal portfolio of vocab words, notes, reflections, and more.


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"LaHaV showed me the beauty of Judaism and its importance to my life while preparing me with the skills to pursue advanced learning in Israel."

Margo Feuer, '15, Midreshet Torah v'Avodah

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